Ice Products

Bagged Ice

Pure, Fresh Water Becomes Crystal Pure U.S. Ice

At U.S. ICE, our bagged ice is made from a tubed ice production of long, cylindrical tubes of ice with a hollow center that are then sliced into uniform cubes. Other manufacturers use TURBO machinery that produces chunks of ice. Turbo ice has no uniformity whatsoever, as the machinery produces flat sheets of ice that are sent through a crusher.

  • Bag Sizes:
    • 7 lb bag
    • 22 lb bag

Dry Ice

Dry Ice is often used as a supplement to water ice to extend its effectiveness in keeping perishable goods from spoiling or for additional cooling at a party or special event.

If you drop Dry Ice in hot water, it will sublimate very quickly and will agitate the water violently, causing many water droplets to fly into the air. The cold CO2 gas released in the process causes water vapor trapped in the air to form into droplets. The diffusion of gas and moisture in the air creates a foggy or smokey effect that is common at Halloween or other parties.

  • Ideal Uses:
    • Party Effects
    • Cooling Goods
  • Approx. Dimensions:
    • Width 6"
    • Depth 6"
    • Height 10"

Block Ice

Our crystal clear ice blocks are perfect carving and building. Made with the highest quality water to ensure a clear visibility.

  • Ideal Uses:
    • Ice Carving
    • Ice Projects
  • 300 lb Ice Block:
    • Height 40"
    • Width 20"
    • Depth 10"