Serving Southeast Michigan's ice needs since 1984!

U.S. Ice Corp

10625 West 8 Mile Road Detroit, MI 48221

TEL: (313) 862-3344 

FAX: (313) 862-5892

Largest Ice Manufacturer In the Tri-County Area

Serving Southeast Michigan's ice needs since 1984!

Highest Quality Ice

We start with the freshest water available
and constantly purify during freezing to ensure we
deliver the highest quality, Crystal Pure U.S. Ice

Crystal Pure U.S. Ice comes in 7 lb and 22 lb bags

Ice Coolers

Do you need a cooler for your party, event, retail
store or business? We'll help you find a cooler
with options and features to suit your needs

Single or Double Door, Indoor or Outdoor Use

Serving Southeast Michigan's ice needs since 1984!
Serving Southeast Michigan's ice needs since 1984!

Large Service Radius

Our fleet of new, GPS-enabled and highly
efficient refrigerated trucks can deliver U.S. Ice
products anywhere in Southeast Michigan

Fast Delivery to Your Store, Party, or Event

Happy Holidays from U.S. Ice

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Ice Calculator

Are you expecting 50 or 500 guests? Be sure to order enough ice to keep them happy.

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Coolers for Your Event

Indoor or Outdoor coolers in many different sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

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Quality Service is the Difference

U.S. Ice is the Tri-County’s largest family owned, independent ice manufacturer and supplier. You can trust us to get the job done, with the newest fleet of trucks in the industry and with capacity to make 800,000 pounds of ice per day. We can also provide coolers and help with your event planning. Contact Us today to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment with a U.S. Ice professional for more information.

About Dry Ice

Dry Ice is often used as a supplement to water ice to extend its effectiveness in keeping perishable goods from spoiling or for additional cooling at a party or special event.

If you drop Dry Ice in hot water, it will sublimate very quickly and will agitate the water violently, causing many water droplets to fly into the air. The cold CO2 gas released in the process causes water vapor trapped in the air to form into droplets. The diffusion of gas and moisture in the air creates a foggy or smokey effect that is common at Halloween or other parties.

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Clear Ice for Healthy Living

Have you noticed the ice made in refrigerators isn’t completely clear? It’s usually cloudy and opaque. The reason for that is trapped air bubbles and impurities like minerals and dirt.

At U.S. Ice our process continuously purifies the water during freezing and flushes away the smallest particles that would otherwise be included in your drink.

In fact, our process ensures that U.S. Ice is cleaner than the tap water in your glass. That’s part of commitment to providing a high quality, safe and healthy product to you and your family and friends.

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U.S. Ice is a proud member of the following associations:

Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers

As the “Voice for the food, beverage and petroleum industry” since 1910, AFPD is a multi-state trade association …

Michigan Food and Beverage Association

The Michigan Food and Beverage Association is a trade organization that represents over 60,000 persons …

Chaldean – American Chamber

Michigan’s Metro Detroit area is home to the largest Chaldean community outside of Iraq with an estimated population of 121,000 …

Arab, American and Chaldean Council

The premier non-profit human service organization providing services to Middle Eastern and mainstream communities …

Great Lakes Ice Association

A regional trade association organized to benefit ice manufacturers, distributors and their suppliers in the Great Lakes area …

Pure Michigan

U.S. Ice has supported Michigan based initiatives for more than 25 years.

Pure Michigan